Portfolio: Jay Cochrane

Jay Cochrane by Mark D Phillips

For twenty years I had the honor of working with Jay Cochrane, the premier high wire artist of his generation. Hell, any generation.

The first time I saw him step on a wire was in Qutang Gorge, the day before his skywalk between its canyon walls, half a mile apart. The Yangtze River was far beneath the wire, farther than the height of the Twin Towers. I was terrified. I was sure I was going to watch this man fall to his death. Then I saw his remarkable strength and talent. The Great China Skywalk was one of the grandest events I have been a part of.

With Jay, every performance was an adventure. We went to Shanghai, Taiwan, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, and even a show on MTV. He was a remarkable man who cared more for others than himself. He raised millions for charities, signing autographs and asking fans to leave any amount of money and it ALL went to the charities. In Niagara Falls, he became legend bringing suitcases full of cash to the Tender Wishes Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club. When it came to children, his generosity was overwhelming.

Cancer took him from us much too early. There are many of us who will never forget him. It’s our duty to keep his legacy alive.


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Jay Cochrane’s final summer in Niagara Falls was a spectacular skywalk from the Skylon Tower to the Hilton Hotel and can be viewed in this movie produced by Mark D Phillips.

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