“30 Years of Gowanus: As it WAS, As it IS” Gallery Prints

Where some people see filth, Mark D Phillips sees artistry.

Mark’s 30-year photographic documentation – “30 Years of Gowanus” – was featured during the Gowanus Open Studios Tour 2017.

The show returns for a second time as part of Gowanus Open Studios Tour on October 20 – 21, 2018. The bottom floor of Movers, Not Shakers! corporate headquarters at 131 Third Street astride the Gowanus Canal once more will become a gallery showcasing the changes along the polluted Brooklyn waterway, with walls built from reusable moving bins at the green moving company located astride the Gowanus Canal.

Mark Ehrhardt, the President and Founder of Movers, Not Shakers!, Inc., has been friends with Mark Phillips for over 15 years. In his words, “The photography that Mark has captured over the years of the Gowanus Canal and surrounding areas is captivating, filled with images that create that sense of Deja Vu of looking back to Brooklyn’s past, and allows one to reflect on how much has changed here over the last 20 years. Our team is excited to create a space within our warehouse that will be a unique way to view our friend Mark’s photographs in a (quickly disappearing) industrial setting.”

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